Mocca Raw Brownie

Mocca Raw Cacao

12 portions

  • 150 g. dates
  • 150 g. figs
  • 2 dl. good (strong) coffee
  • 300 ml. coconut oil
  • 175 g. walnuts
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon vanilla powder
  • 60 g. raw cacao
  • 1 tablespoon sea salt

Make a good strong cup of coffee and soak the figs and dates in it. Set aside for one hour. Melt the coconut oil in a bowl, within in a pot with hot water. Slowly. It doesn’t need to boil as coconut oil melts easily. Chop the walnuts medium size. Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend it into an even consistency. Lastly turn in the walnuts. Cover a springform pan with baking paper and spread out the dough in it. Cool the whole thing down until it gets firm. Et voilà – ready to Enjoy :-)

Energy and Mood Boosting Brownie

Raw cacao – no wonder it’s called food of the gods. With it’s high level of antioxidants and mood boosting hormones it has status as a super food. The amino acid, tryptophan, is part of producing the substance of joy, serotonin, in the brain. Also dopamine, which is part of the reward system of the brain, you get here. As if that wasn’t enough, raw cacao is the food source with the highest level of magnesium, a crucial mineral in many bodily functions. Lack of magnesium, which is quite common, can lead to head ace, sleeping problems, concentration problems, muscle cramps and congestion. To name but a few. 30 to 40 grams a day is a real health benefit and it’s great :-)