I am a Green Chef and Certified Nutritional Therapist. Cookbook author of 51% RAW and recipe developer. Functional food nerd, food waste activist, fermentation adventurer and lecturer.


I believe in the importance of a solid healthy foundation, creating a strong mind and body. Furthermore, I believe in the importance of being both disciplined and relaxed in the process. All is about Balance. When the good foundation is in place, it is important to remember to enjoy life as well. That is why you might just find a healthy hangover cure on my blog, just as well as a salad. :-)

I love when food has the perfect trinity of health, deliciousness and beauty. I am able to cook and create for a wide range of diets and with many different foods. Likewise, I am especially accustomed to accommodating various health wishes or illnesses. Not only is the food super healthy, it is also funky, sinful, and above all, tasty.

I hope you will enjoy.